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Our first Coupon code!

Blog August 7, 2017

Dear Merchantette Users,

Our new website themerchantette.com is going very well. I’m happy to say that in less than 50 days since its launch, we have registered over 300 users, and it is growing rapidly with no signs of slowing down.

So to celebrate this small but exciting milestone, we are offering our first COUPON CODE for a 30%-off discount.

That’s right 30% off. So you can do a Feature Ad (normally $5) for just $3.50.

The coupon code is AUGUST17.

Simply enter the code: AUGUST17 in the Coupon field in the preview screen after you create your listing as shown below. This coupon expires 8/31/17 and is limited to one use per user. Thank you for making themerchantette.com a success!



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4 Responses to “Our first Coupon code!”

  1. PROBLEMS! 1. It would NOT accept the coupon code for a discount. 2. It states there still are FREE adds-apparently not. 3. My add went in fine, but when I tried to answer to a responder, it says something like, ‘waiting for moderation’ in red letters! What’s that mean? I have a feeling the responder never saw it, because I’ve never heard back & they seemed very anxious. 4. The new system needs to be simplified for those who may not be a computer genius. COME ON MERCHANETTE-FIX YOUR BUGS!

    • Dear S. Reed,

      Thank you for using the Merchantette. I appreciate your comment. First, I apologize for #3 in your comment. I believe that is my fault. I am the only moderator for the site, and I had to travel to nearly 1,000 miles over the past two days to help a relative move, and I wasn’t able to check the site. I have now approved those comments. Also, I have to admit I am still trying to figure out why a small percentage of posts and comments need approval while others don’t get flagged in the system. In the two months since we launched the new site, we have processed over 660 ads and I’ve only had to manually approved less than 20.
      As for the coupon code, I’ve checked it several times and AUGUST17 is working for me. You can send me more info on exactly what message you are getting on that. Lastly, we still have the 12-day free listing option. After you Post An Ad, select your category, and on the page where you submit the details of your ad listing at the very bottom of that page is AD Package. This is a drop down that has 4 different price options, including the 12-day free listing.If you continue to have more problems please let me know. Thanks again!

      • Cemetery lots (misc). Thank you for responding. As I recall I did see & try the free ad. It kept wanting the info for $5. in order to place the ad. Still confused on how I’ll ever make direct contact w/a possible buyer! I actually worked many yrs for the ans svc that took these ads & have moved to TN. I’ve got to get these lots sold. THE MAP IS COMPLETELY WRONG! This may throw people off. Don’t even know where that river is. My lots are not far from Weirton, WV in a lovely cemetery (Chestnut Ridge). Can you correct? Thank you!

        • Dear S. Reed,

          Yes I was able to add the address for the cemetery so the map looks better. Also, I noticed the coupon code was put in the Ad Tag field instead of the coupon field which could have been the problem on that. Thanks again and please don’t hesitate to contact me with anything further.


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